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♛♛ Super Easy Port forwarding. ★UPnP


Oct 14, 2016
When i first started using RATs i had no idea how to portforward. It seemed completely alien to me. The HF community sent me in the direction of Darkcomet as it had the great advantage of built in UPnP...

Universal Plug and Play (Forwards your port automatically if your Router supports it)

the worry of having to manually change my router's settings was now gone!
for a while anyway...

The time eventually came for me to upgrade to paid software for more features and a more stable server. I Still had no idea how to portforward so i searched online for a program that replaced Darkcomets great port forwarding tool.

Here's the program i found and still use to this day

"UPnP Port Forward Utility - ver 1.00"

Why? Because it works perfectly, takes about 15 seconds to forward a new port, and i currently have no need to use anything else.

The Main screen above shows all of your open ports and the program behind it.

After clicking "add new entry" you will be prompted to enter these details. Give the portforward a name (Blackshades server/Testing port) etc.. and then "save changes and exit"

Foolproof Tips in Spoiler
Internal IP address will be shown as one of your "destination ip's" on the mainscreen.
External and internal port should be set as the same number.
All other settings can be left as default

virus scan -https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/09273092621ffe7285745d74a31e2db36b88f5d2d20b92c6fb fe28ca386a7890/analysis/

SHA256: 09273092621ffe7285745d74a31e2db36b88f5d2d20b92c6fb fe28ca386a7890
File name: PortForward100-Setup.exe
Detection ratio: 0 / 42
Analysis date: 2012-04-23 07:39:01 UTC

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New member
Feb 13, 2017
hello bro
i was hoping if you could point me in the directions you took when you started with rats i am really interested and want to get in deep.
thanks in advance