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Blackberry End to end encyption project


New member
Oct 20, 2016
[h=1]I would like to have some help in this new project for me. I would like to develop an secure end to end encryption architecture for Blackberry Smartphones. After reading too much on internet. my set up would be like this:

There would be 3 differents VPS server in three diferents providers in three differents countries:

- First Server: Email Server: I got three option see what is the best for you ? Exchange / Lotus / Postfix Sendmail

Needs: At least 16GB RAM, Windows Server License, Windows Exchange License, CALs. OR At least 16GB RAM with Linux Server. Dedicated IP address

- Second Server: Blackberry Enterprise Solution (BES).

Needs: Windows Server License, BES license. Dedicated IP address

- Third Server: PGP Server PGP with Symantec Encryption Management Server

Needs: Windows Server License, Symantec license. Dedicated IP address

For the end point device will be needed a

Additionals needs:
- Bullet-proof domain in some country different from the servers with DNS managment included.
- Can I configure Blacberry devices going through TOR + VPN ? If yes a VPN server would be needed, What do you recommend OpenVPN server or custom paid one?

- Data SIM cards Wordlwide roamiing prepaid for 6 month.

Of couse security tunnig of the servers will be required like blocking all IP except the VPN server IP address and much more security polices and security check even Monitoring or SIEM solution in order to see if anyone is trying to do bad things on the opened ports.

What are your recons?
What are your tips?
Have anyone good VPS servers to rent and Bullet proof domains?
Please let me know if I miss something....

Thanks for your time guys

PD: I swear that the next week I will pay VIP subscription:p[/h]