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[GET][SOLO AD ARBITRAGE] Make $45-150/day starting today. No list. No website. Easy


Oct 14, 2016

What is Solo Ad Arbitrage all about?

To sell solo ads, you need an email list. To make “good” money with solos, you need to be able to send a lot of clicks (traffic) in a short period of time so you need a rather big list… or do you?

In Solo Ad Arbitrage I’m going to show you a way to benefit from the cash cow of solo ads without having a list at all. Also, you won’t need all of the tools that solo sellers have to invest in such as an autoresponder, a website, tracking tools as well as the constant spending to build their own list.

So how is this possible? Brokering.

Very few people even know about, let alone utilize one of the most powerful types of businesses… being the middle man.

Think about Walmart, Amazon or just about any retailer. They don’t actually own the products they sell. They just facilitate the transaction between the buyer and the seller, and the store gets a cut.

You can apply this methodology to just about anything… including solo ads.

The basic premise is that you obtain solo traffic for cheap and resell it at a higher price.

So for example, you can get solo ads anywhere from .35-.50 a click all day long on a regular basis. Essentially you get buyers that pay you .50 per click for a solo. In turn, you go to one of your solo venders and pay them .35 per click. You just scored a .15 per click profit.

Let’s do some math:

Solo ads typically sell in packs anywhere from 100-1,000 clicks at a time or more (those are the more common sizes but it’s not hard to find people buying bigger).

From the places I will show you, it’s of little effort to sell 300-1000 clicks a day or more, with only about 3 hours of work or less per day.

So let’s say you sold a 300 clicker for .50 a click and paid .35 a click.
Your profit is .15 per click multiplied by 300 = $45

You just made an easy $45 for simply facilitating the deal.

Let’s take it a bit further. Let’s say you sold a 1,000 clicker solo ad (not hard to do at all). With the same math you would make $150 from those 1k clicks.

At this point I shouldn't have to convince you that there is some serious money to be made here. It's plain to see. Now I'm going to show you exactly how to do it.

What you will learn:
How to make $45-150 a day or more, starting TODAY!
Without a list.
Without a website.
Without any experience.
Where to get cheap clicks all day long.
Where to find hungry buyers begging to pay you for clicks.
How to keep those buyers coming back for more.
Everything you'll need to do it. (it's all free)
Step-by-step instructions for the freshest newbie.
How to build your own list without spending a penny.
The Do's and Don'ts of click brokering.
Bonus ninja tips and tricks that will have you killing it from day one.

Salespage :

Download + OTO:
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